Dr Scott Fifield is a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) and is qualified to conduct all classes of Aviation Medicals:

  • Class 1 ( Airline and Commercial pilots)
  • Class 2 (Private Pilots)
  • Class 3 (Air Traffic Controllers)

When making a booking, please tell the reception staff that you require an Aviation Medical and you will be put through to Practice Nurse Serena. She will advise you of certain requirements and book a one hour appointment-1/2 hour with Serena and 1/2 hour with Dr Fifield. Aviation Medicals cannot be booked online.

For a first time medical you must have an ARN (Aviation Reference Number) for which you need to apply to CASA. You will also need to provide photo ID (eg drivers licence, passport). There are additional tests required for Class 1 and 3 medicals and these can be arranged at the time of booking.

For all medicals, please proceed as follows;

  • Obtain an ARN if you do not already hold one-


For Class 1,2 and 3 medicals, pay CASA’s processing fee of $10-75 on line.

  • Ring Serena to book the medical and arrange any other tests required
  • Bring ARN and photo ID to the appointment



The fee for all classes of medical is $198 (GST inclusive). If blood tests and ECG are required, these can be bulk billed. Hearing and eye tests, if required, are arranged with an outside provider with fees charged accordingly.



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